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Qing Wang Gaement Co., Ltd. of Dongguan

A professional high-end woolen clothing processing custom service provider

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Three reasons to choose us

Build a woolen clothing brand with brand communication

Experienced and fully equipped

From the loom to the one-stop production line, we have professional painters, designers, proofers, and patterns of all kinds of difficulty. We can make patterns, and support looking at drawings and proofs to ensure that customers also request Ensure timeliness.

Production capacity
Production capacity
Dongguan Qingwang Clothing Trade Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Qingwang Clothing Trade Co., Ltd.
Quality guarantee Quality Assurance
Selected raw materials
And we have a complete and scientific set of quality management system, each department has a professional master strict supervision and quality assurance. Cooperating with well-known suppliers, more than ten kinds of fabrics, independent research and development of material ratio, not only meet the needs of customers at different price points, but also achieve personalized material selection.
Delivery capacity Delivery capacity
Sufficient supply
Thousands of square meters of production base, many workers, and many high-quality equipment, large orders are quickly guaranteed, and the rapid customization cycle is guaranteed. Diversified and rich product line, standing stock, quickly meet your distribution needs.
Dongguan Qingwang Clothing Trade Co., Ltd.
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Qing Wang Gaement Co., Ltd. of Dongguan

Dongguan Qingwang Clothing Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Changping, Dongguan. Our company is a design, production and wholesale knitting factory, focusing on the production of sweaters of various brands, as well as foreign women's clothing of different...